John’s Story

John Clancy’s Amazing Story Of Transformation

Surrending Wall Street

Living Large

Excess, greed and having it all. The Wolf Of Wall Street movie and the Stratton Oakmont firm was reflective of John Clancy in his “prior” life. John had acquired all of the symbolic possessions of a fast yachts, call girls, millions of dollars in the bank and a career that seemed infinite.

An Abrupt End

The seemingly never ending party for John Clancy and the two co-owners of his firm came crashing down in a New York minute. United States prosecutors stepped in with federal indictments. For defrauding 8,000 investors nationwide, John and his co-owners were facing 13 felony counts and many years in prison.

God Has Bigger Plans

John Clancy was found not guilty and acquitted, not only by the courts, but he was freed by the Highest court to do the work of the Lord. John’s life turned on a dime. His past was forgiven and eternal life is his. Watch and listen to the true story and pass this amazing story along!