John's Testimony
January 3rd, 2016
"The John Clancy Story"
by John Clancy

The real Wolf Of Wall Street Story...

It's a scene from a Hollywood movie, but for John Clancy, it was his LIFE!  This is the real Wolf Of Wall Street Story. John was living large on Wall Street, with luxury yachts, fast cars, a Manhattan penthouse, call girls, drugs, millions of dollars in the bank, and a career that would never end....

...that is until State's prosecutors stepped in and indicted the firm's two co-owners and 10 brokers, of which John was among, on charges of grand larceny and fraud; accused of defrauding 8,000 investors nationwide of $100 million. John was thrown in jail, facing 13 felony counts, and many years in prison.

Learn how God prepared John just prior to this event with the message of hope from the most unlikely person. In John's own words, listen to the conversation complete with questions about how he began his ambitious career which ultimately led him on a long journey into the dark world as an ambassador of indulgence, greed, lust, and deception... but more importantly, how God rescued, delivered, and redeemed John to serve as an Ambassador for Christ instead.

john clancy wolf of wall street